Equity in Action: Build Your Skills

Dr. Paul Gorski & Seema G. Pothini, authors of Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education present an interactive Zoom workshop to discuss how educators at all levels can strengthen their ability to recognize, respond to and address inequity as it presents itself in common classroom, school, or district scenarios.

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White Privilege Challenge with Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.

Join MN-NAME and Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., founder of the White Privilege Institute, for an educator kick-off to a 21 day equity/White Privilege Challenge. Learn how you can, for 21 days, do one action to further your understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity.

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Humanize My Hoodie: Ally Workshop

This three-hour live or virtual, facilitated, workshop includes viewing and discussing the HMH Educators as Allier video, individual and small group reflection time, and collaboration. Topics include micro-aggressions, implicit bias, threat perception, history of the hoodie, and how to remove systemic barriers. 

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Past Workshop Topics 

2020-Equity in Action: Build Your Skills, featuring Dr. Paul Gorski

2020-White Privilege Challenge for Educators with Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.

2020-Humanize My Hoodie: Ally Workshop Experience

2019-May 16th: Real Talk: Unpacking the N-Word

2016-Muslim Student Voices: Supporting Students in the Current Climate.

2014-Myths and Reality: We Owe Our Students More.   

2013-Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty: Strategies for Erasing the  Opportunity Gap    

2012-Addressing Historical Inaccuracies in American History Curriculum

2011-Open Conversation about the Harassment in our Schools

2010-Making Educational Change with No Spare Change

2009-Deconstructing the Suspension Gap

2008-Deconstructing the Suspension Gap in Schools

2007-Subverting NCLB and the Standards Movement

2006-Uncovering Classism/Racism in Ruby Payne

2005-Eliminating White Privilege and the Achievement Gap in Schools