Annual Conference

Insisting on Equity... Speak Up! 

Saturday, October 14th, 2023

Saturday, October 14, 8:30 a.m.– 2:30 p.m, @ Burnsville High School 

Featuring a powerful keynote by former NFL leader Esera Tuaolo and other amazing, local presenters

About Esera Tuaolo:

While playing in the NFL as a closeted gay man, Esera Tuaolo cut short acts of discrimination around him by standing up and saying, “Hate in any form is wrong.” By the early 2000s, Esera came out as gay and began advocating for inclusion across the United States by speaking at corporations, colleges, and high schools, as well as popular television programs like The Oprah Show and Ellen. He referred to his work as the Hate In Any Form Is Wrong campaign. Over a decade later, in November 2017, the Hate In Any Form Is Wrong campaign turned into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization titled Hate Is Wrong.

Hate Is Wrong’s purpose is to foster diversity in sports and anti-bullying among youth. It carries out this purpose in two ways. It helps deliver inclusion-based education across the country, including the Super Bowl Inclusion Panel, and the Super Bowl Inclusion Party.

Additionally, Esera appeared on The Voice as a contestant, is an acclaimed chef, motivational speaker, and so much more! We are honored to learn from him at the conference.

In an effort to promote collaboration within schools, districts, and other youth-serving organizations, we created blocks of tickets (5, 10,  or 20) at a deep discount. Participant names can be submitted up to 2 days before the event and substitutions are allowed.

Single Registration is $35/per person, including breakfast, lunch, conference materials, and workshops



Past Conferences:

Past Events

Annual, "Insisting on Equity" Conference Keynote & Topics

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2018: Anton Treuer: Tribal Sovereignty & Breaking Barriers

2017: Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum: Insisting on Equity

2016: Paul C. Gorski: Insisting on Equity.

2015: Patrick Camangian: Translating Urgency into Action

2014: Gloria Ladson-Billings:Myths and Reality: We owe our students more.

2013: Jamie Washington: What’s Really Happening in our Schools (and what we can do about it)

2012: Camika Royal: Everyday People Moving Theory into Practice

2011: David Stovall: Building Community in our Schools, our Classrooms, and Beyond

2010: Geneva Gay: Informing Ourselves, Reforming our Schools, Transforming the World

2009: Jamie Washington: Beyond the Illusion of Inclusion

2008: Eddie Moore Jr.

2007: Heather Hackman