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How Do I Join?

Why Join MN-NAME?

MN-NAME is a growing collective of educators (pre-school through higher education), administrators, non-profit workers, activists, and others committed to eliminating inequities and injustices from our schools. It is our belief that too much multicultural education work merely skims the surface, focusing on heroes and holidays while ignoring the gross inequities that pervade our schools. We're determined to dig beneath the surface of much multicultural education work, beneath the heroes and holidays and the Taco Nights, to work toward authentic change. By joining NAME, and as a result, MN-NAME, you instantly connect yourself to a group of people with these commitments, people who will support your work for equity and justice.

Membership in NAME also gives you the opportunity to serve on the board of directors of MN-NAME, to vote on MN-NAME matters, and to attend MN-NAME conferences at discounted rates.

How Do I Join?

If you live and/or work in the Minnesota area, when you join the National Association for Multicultural Education [NAME] you automatically become a member of MN-NAME. You can join NAME at http://www.nameorg.org.