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Past Events

Past MN-NAME conferences and workshops: 

Annual, "Insisting on Equity" Conference Keynote & Topics 

2016: Paul C. Gorski: Insisting on Equity. Slides

2015: Patrick Camangian: Translating Urgency into Action

2014: Gloria Ladson-Billings:Myths and Reality: We owe our students more.   
2013: Jamie Washington: What’s Really Happening in our Schools (and what we can do about it)

2012: Camika Royal: Everyday People Moving Theory into Practice

2011: David Stovall: Building Community in our Schools, our Classrooms, and Beyond

2010: Geneva Gay: Informing Ourselves, Reforming our Schools, Transforming the World

2009: Jamie Washington: Beyond the Illusion of Inclusion

2008: Eddie Moore Jr. 

2007: Heather Hackman 

Past Workshop Topics      

2016-Muslim Student Voices: Supporting Students in the Current Climate.

2014-Myths and Reality: We Owe Our Students More.   

2013-Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty: Strategies for Erasing the  Opportunity Gap   

2012-Addressing Historical Inaccuracies in American History Curriculum

2011-Open Conversation about the Harassment in our Schools

2010-Making Educational Change with No Spare Change

2009-Deconstructing the Suspension Gap

2008-Deconstructing the Suspension Gap in Schools

2007-Subverting NCLB and the Standards Movement

2006-Uncovering Classism/Racism in Ruby Payne

2005-Eliminating White Privilege and the Achievement Gap in Schools